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Long Live the Smart, Sustainable and Creative City

May 8, 2022
Introduction to the study on "Smart City" and the 10 case studies For a few years now, politicians, corporations and academics around the world have been talking about "smart cities". All cities want to become "smart" or "smarter" and nobody knows what it means anymore. Some consider the “smart city” – at times a concept, at others a buzzword –…

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Smart Cities

Stillstand! Welcher Stillstand?

Die Kreativen tragen einen grossen Teil zum Schweizer Wohlstand bei. Jetzt geht es für viele von ihnen ums Überleben. Andere aber werden von der Krise profitieren. Von Martina Läubli und Peer Teuwsen (Text) und Elisa Forster (Infografik) Mit Aussagen, die die Zukunft betreffen, sollte man vorsichtig sein, gerade angesichts dieses Virus. Aber eins ist schon heute sicher: Der Wirtschaftszweig der…
May 7, 2021

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Survey about Creative Economies & Philanthropy

In “The Future of the Creative Economies” (2021), Deloitte predicts that “most people would welcome a world in which a larger share of the workforce is engaged with creative work.” According to an in-depth UNESCO report “Creative Economies are one of the youngest and fastest growing economic sectors in the world” (Re-Shaping Policies for Creativity – Addressing culture as a…
July 14, 2022
Cultural Policies

Re|Shaping Policies for Creativity – Addressing culture as a global public good offers (UNESCO, 2022)

The UNESCO Global Report, Re|Shaping Policies for Creativity – Addressing culture as a global public good, is the third edition of a series designed to monitor the implementation of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. As the only Report of its kind, it provides a global overview of the state of the…
June 15, 2022
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The Culture Fix. Creative People, Places And Industries (OECD, 2022)

Cultural and creative sectors and industries are a significant source of jobs and income. They are a driver of innovation and creative skills, within cultural sectors and beyond. They also have significant social impacts, from supporting health and well-being, to promoting social inclusion and local social capital. As national and local governments reconsider growth models in the wake of COVID-19,…
June 9, 2022

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Thinking ecology and the digital humanities

An atypical figure in the sciences, Bruno Latour is one of the most influential French philosophers today. “Où atterrir?”; “Où suis-je ?”: These are the titles of French philosopher Bruno Latour’s two most recent books and also their main questions. Latour, a thinker of ecology and the digital humanities, has his feet on the ground rather than above. His best-selling…
April 21, 2022





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