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Mythology and an atlas to better understand AI

* Kate Crawford, Atlas of AI: Power, Politics and the Planetary Costs of Artificial Intelligence, Yale University Press, 2021 * Erik J. Larson, The Myth of Artificial Intelligence: Why Computers Can’t Think the Way We Do, Harvard University Press, 2021 For those merely remotely interested in artificial intelligence (AI), this type of intelligence may seem cryptic or even magical. All…
Théo Corbucci
November 12, 2022

Thinking ecology and the digital humanities

An atypical figure in the sciences, Bruno Latour is one of the most influential French philosophers today. “Où atterrir?”; “Où suis-je ?”: These are the titles of French philosopher Bruno Latour’s two most recent books and also their main questions. Latour, a thinker of ecology and the digital humanities, has his feet on the ground rather than above. His best-selling…
April 21, 2022
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