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Leveraging culture and creativity for sustainable urban development and inclusive growth – new report from UNESCO/World Bank

Culture and creativity have untapped potential to deliver social, economic, and  spatial benefits for cities and communities. Cultural and creative industries  are  key drivers of the creative economy and represent important sources of  employment, economic growth, and innovation, thus contributing to city  competitiveness and sustainability. Through their contribution to urban  regeneration and sustainable urban development, cultural and creative  industries make cities more attractive places for people to live in and for  economic activity to develop. Culture and creativity also contribute to social  cohesion at the neighborhood level, enable creative networks to form and  advance innovation and growth, and create opportunities for those who are  often socially and economically excluded.

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The Zurich Centre for Creative Economies (ZCCE) is an international centre of excellence dedicated to research, teaching, incubation and consultancy in the field of the creative economies.

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