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Kulturwirtschaftsstatistik (BFS 2020)

By October 13, 2020March 10th, 2022No Comments

In accordance with an agreement with the Federal Office of Culture (FOC), the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) has compiled new statistics on the cultural industry in Switzerland. The definition of cultural industries used is based on the specifications of the EU statistics office (Eurostat). In contrast to the broader “creative economy” approach, which also includes IT and software as well as marketing (cf. British Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport DCMS, Nesta Innovation Foundation, ZHdK/ZCCE), the perspective here is on the concept of culture in the narrower sense. The ZCCE was represented in the support group and advised the FSO in regular exchanges on conceptual and methodological issues.

Die Kulturwirtschaft in der Schweiz – Kulturbetriebe und Kulturschaffende


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