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Non-paper for the German Competence Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries

By April 1, 2019March 23rd, 2023No Comments

As an official research partner of the KKKW (Competence Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries of the Federal Government), the CreativeEconomies Research Venture has produced a three-part series of non-papers for 2018 and 2019. These non-papers are dedicated to the current state of research on important phenomena, developments and controversies related to the creative economies. The focus lies on the global debate. The translation and interpretation of these non-papers for the German-speaking countries was realised in cooperation with the NPP and in close collaboration with numerous creative economy actors and other partners.

Non-Paper I: Simon Grand, Christoph Weckerle, “Non-Paper I: Value Creation – A Creative Economies Perspective (2018)
Non Paper II: Simon Grand, Christoph Weckerle, “Non-Paper II: Unternehmerische Strategien in den Creative Economies – XII Beobachtungen” (2018)
Non-Paper III: Katharina Nill, Simon Grand & Christoph Weckerle, “Non-Paper III: Narrative Strategien für die Creative Economies” 2019


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