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Frédéric Martel, “Cultural Policies: Mapping a field in reinvention” (2020)

The article attempts to describe the state of “cultural policy” in a period of fundamental reinvention and provides an overview of the most important works and studies published in recent years. While digital change has transformed culture, cultural policy has adapted only slowly to this new reality. The author observes an expansion of the term “cultural policy” and describes its…
March 10, 2020

State of the Arts, Paris

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and La Gaîté Lyrique organized a two-day international symposium in Paris on 6 and 7 February 2020 under the motto “Towards a new cultural policy for the digital age.” The aim was to rethink cultural policy in the digital age. How can we update our cultural policy? How can the involvement of art and…
February 6, 2020
Cultural-PoliciesEntrepreneurial Strategies

International Conference 2019: The Future Relevance of the Creative Economies – Familiar and New Narratives, Berlin

Building on the first joint conference in 2018, which was dedicated to the diversity and complexity of the cultural and creative industries, the follow-up conference discussed ways of using these factors through new narratives, methodological approaches and specific strategies. The event was organized jointly by the Federal Competence Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries (Germany) and ZHdK’s CreativeEconomies Research Venture…
October 30, 2019
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“The Creative Industries in the Lake Constance Region” (2019)

This report contains analyses, facts, portraits, figures, comparisons and mappings that paint a multifaceted picture of the border region between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This is the first time that the regional significance of the creative economies in the Lake Constance region is explored and placed in its European context. The research was made possible by the International University…
February 1, 2019
Art & Design CareersCultural-PoliciesDigitalisation

“International Conference 2018: Creative Impact – The Matrix between Innovation and Creativity,” Berlin

The 2018 International Conference was dedicated to creative impact. Thematically, the event focused on value creation processes in the cultural and creative industries in Europe and beyond. Based on high-calibre international impulses, global perspectives and (funding) approaches in the field of the cultural and creative industries and the creative economies were presented and various points of departure were identified. Three questions…
October 30, 2018
Art & Design CareersCultural-PoliciesDigitalisationEntrepreneurial Strategies

“What if?” – An expert discussion on the future of the cultural and creative industries

Christoph Weckerle and Simon Grand granted an insight into their research on the future of the cultural and creative industries on 21 June 2018. Since 2018, they have been the official research partner of the Federal Competence Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries with their research venture CreativeEconomies (predecessor of the ZCCE) at the ZHdK. Janine Schiller, the project manager,…
June 21, 2018
AnalysisCreative Economies ReportsEntrepreneurial Strategies

Creative Economy Report Switzerland 2018

Which strategies do artists and designers pursue in their search for a “positive economy”? How do they link content and contexts in different business environments? What characterises the creative economies in Switzerland? How are the sub-markets of the creative industries developing in Switzerland? This report examines the dynamics of the Swiss creative economies. Based on analyses, facts and figures, portraits…
June 1, 2018
DigitalisationSmart Cities

Simon Grand, Christoph Weckerle, “Curating as Strategy” (2018)

4 years, 40 projects, 1’000 participants: Patrick Müller and Nuria Krämer gathered the wealth of activities that took place within the framework of “Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich” in With: A Bookazine on Collaboration between Cultures, Art Forms, and Disciplines. The volume includes an essay by Christoph Weckerle and Simon Grand. Simon Grand, Christoph Weckerle, "Curating as Strategy" (2018)
March 1, 2018
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