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State of the Arts, Paris

By February 6, 2020November 19th, 2023No Comments

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and La Gaîté Lyrique organized a two-day international symposium in Paris on 6 and 7 February 2020 under the motto “Towards a new cultural policy for the digital age.” The aim was to rethink cultural policy in the digital age. How can we update our cultural policy? How can the involvement of art and its diversity be improved in an era of algorithms, apps and search engine monopolies? What are new economic models for artists in the age of streaming? Which innovations are possible in and around universities or companies? How can art education be promoted in an age of MOOCs?

The symposium involved 30 international researchers, startuppers, artists and PhD students.

“State of the Arts” Symposium 2020, Broschure (PDF)

Frédéric Martel, “Cultural Policies Mapping a Field In Reinvention” (PDF)

Philippe Kern, “For a Cultural European Union” (PDF)

Jacopo Rasmi, “Underpolicies of Sustainable Media” (PDF)

Check out the contributions to the symposium:
“Towards a new cultural policy for the digital age”

Laetitia Stagnara, Christoph Weckerle – Official opening
Joanna Woronkowicz – Is Culture dying and is Technology to blame?
Andy Pratt – Cultural Policy in the Age of immaterial Goods, Platform Economies and global Flows
Consuelo Sáizar, Christoph Weckerle – Panel Discussion
Abdel Buonana – How Data can generate creative, realtime Experiences
Natacha Seweryn – How social networks transform the aesthetics of cinema and how cultural policy must grasp it?
David Lavaud – Audience and engagement on social media as a lever for a sustainable economic model for artists
Consuelo Sáizar – The digital Opportunity in the cultural field
Desmond Hui – Digital Arts and Cultural Policies in Hong Kong and Mainland China
Venka Purushothaman
Didier Fusillier – The “Microfolies”, a cultural Tool in the digital Age
Barnabé Louche – The Ideas Box, a mobile pop up multimedia Art Center for Refugees
Justinien Tribillon – Cultural Infrastructure at the Crossroad of architectural design and immaterial policy
Nathan Marcel-Millet – DEI: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Tally Katz-Gerro – The New European Agenda for Culture and cultural Stratification in the Age of digital Transformation
Philippe Kern – EU Cultural Policy in the Making
Romain Becker – Why Cultural Hierarchy matter for Comics?
Yves Citton – Research-Creation: What spaces for Artists in Universities
Christoph Weckerle – New Understanding of Cultural Policies for building the Arts University of the 21st Century
Yassir Hammoud – Art Education in France: Where do we stand?
Frédéric Martel – A new Minor on Cultural Policy at ZHdK
Thomas Meier – Closing Remarks


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