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Frédéric Martel, Hartmut Wickert (Eds.), “Embedded Artists” (2020)

Artistic works, processes and methods often do not take place in contexts that are classical artistic terrain. What are the consequences — not only for artists but also for their environment? What does “management through art” or “artistic management” mean? Which “artistic” competences and skills are used and needed in the “non-artistic” world? And what does this mean for understanding…
August 24, 2020
Cultural PoliciesDigitalisation

Frédéric Martel, “Mainstream”: Who will win a global war (2020, new edition)

For over a decade, Mainstream has been considered a key study on the cultural industries, the media and digitisation. Among blockbusters, bestsellers, hits or social networks, a global struggle for cultural and digital influence has broken out. From Hollywood to Bollywood, from China to sub-Saharan Africa, from Mexico to Japan, this unprecedented survey was conducted in 30 countries over a period of…
June 30, 2020

The Art in the Artificial (PEC, Nesta 2020)

Artificial intelligence (AI) will play an important role in the creative industries in the future. AI algorithms are already recommending creative content on websites such as Spotify and Netflix, and recent developments in AI have further enhanced the ability of algorithms to analyse image, text and sound data that are found throughout the creative industries. Against this background, the report…
June 1, 2020
Art & Design CareersCriticism & TheoryDigitalisationEntrepreneurial Strategies

Frédéric Martel, “The cultural critic is dead! Long live Smart Curation!” (2016)

Does the future of cultural criticism lie in the hands of “machines”? Is this future generated by the recommendation algorithms of Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, etc.? No, what is required is the combination of algorithms with human judgment. This line of thought was discussed in a research initiative titled “Smart Curation” based at Zurich University of the Arts. Frédéric Martel, «Le…
February 25, 2016
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