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Hans-Ulrich Obrist: Creative Destruction and Other Rituals

Contemporary art is much decried. Using Jeff Koons or Damien Hirst as their main villains and only examples, countless essayists and pamphleteers have castigated the direction in which modern art has moved and continue to denounce its futility. The radical right is sickened by the pretensions of woke or eco-leftist artists, while the extreme left ironizes art that is created…
Frédéric Martel
May 27, 2023
Art Design Careers

Authority and Freedom – A Defense of the Arts

The Astonishing Generosity of the Arts  In this age of metrics and data the imaginative ground without which art cannot exist has quietly come under threat. Our culture in the democratic West has given up the belief that the arts have their own, independent significance. This is the basic motivation revered American art critic Jed Perl lays out for having…
Fabian Oderbolz
October 31, 2022
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